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This addon adds field types to the Form Builder and integrates them into your form.

This addon adds field types to the Form Builder.


composer require justbetter/statamic-postcodenl


Add the following items to your .env, these settings consist of the Key and Secret provided by


How to Use

Form settings

When building a form it's now possible to make use of the fields. When selecting the field you need to select the according field type, these consist of:

  • Zipcode (Required)
  • House number (Required)
  • House number addition (Optional)
  • Street (Required)
  • City (Required)

Make sure to add all the required field types to your form as they are needed for this to work.


To add this functionality to your form you have to use our tag. At the bottom of your form view you need to add the following tag:


{{ postcodenl:initPostcodenl :formId="form_handle" }}


{!! Statamic::tag('postcodenl:initPostcodenl')->param('formId', $form->handle)->fetch() !!}

As the field types are an extend of the normal text field type, you can use this type the same way as the text field type for your forms. For example you could still look at the input_type field to determine the field type you need to load into your form.

Make sure you're using the correct variable when passing the formId, this variable should be the handle of your form. i.e 'contact'.