Business Hours

Addon by Lucky Media

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Easily create, manage and display business hours in a modern and stylish layout.

Built by a Certified Partner

Business Hours is a Statamic addon that gives you the option to easily create, manage and display business hours in a modern and stylish layout.


  • Set opening and closing times for each day of the week separately.
  • Fields to indicate if you are currently open or closed
  • Conditionals to display a text only when you are open or closed
  • Comes unstyled, bring your own styling
  • Supports special dates e.g: holidays, company wide vacations etc
  • Use different time zones and languages
  • Beautiful & user-friendly settings screen for you, or your client
  • Localizable fields for easy translation in any language

How to Install

You can search for this addon in the Tools > Addons section of the Statamic control panel and click install, or run the following command from your project root:

composer require lucky-media/business-hours

How to Use

On your frontend you can make use of the business_hours tag to iterate through the hours.

{{ business_hours }}

  {{ weekday }}

  {{ closed }}

  {{ 24_hours }}

  {{ start_time }}

  {{ end_time }}

  {{ is_open }}

{{ /business_hours }}


  • weekday (string)
    • Weekday label
  • closed (boolean)
    • Is the business closed on this day
  • 24_hours (boolean)
    • Is the business working 24hrs on this day
  • start_time (string)
    • What time does the business start on this day
  • end_time (string)
    • What time does the business end on this day
  • is_open (boolean)
    • Is the business open at this moment

If you need to display the exeptions you can use the following:

{{ business_hours:exception }}

 {{ reason }}

 {{ start_date }}

 {{ end_date }}

{{ /business_hours:exception }}


  • reason (bard)
    • Bard field to write down the reason for the exception
  • start_date (date)
    • Start date of the exception
  • end_date (date)
    • End date of the exception

Common Gotcha's

  • Make sure on your config/app.php you have the correct timezone.
  • You can either display times on 24 hour format or 12 hour format, you can change this on config/statamic/business_hours.php
  • Make sure on CP the start_time and end_time are entered in 24 hour format. There is also validation if the time is not in this format.


Check the example below and the code snippet. Please keep in mind that the examples use Tailwind CSS for styling.

Screenshot 2022-02-08 at 13 21 11

    {{ business_hours:exception }}
        <div class="w-full p-5 mb-5 text-center text-white bg-red-600 rounded">
            {{ reason }}
    {{ /business_hours:exception }}

    <div class="grid grid-cols-2 gap-4">
        {{ business_hours }}
            <p class="{{ is_past ?= 'line-through opacity-60' }}">
                {{ weekday }}

                {{ if closed }}
                    <span class="p-2 text-xs text-white uppercase bg-red-500 rounded">closed</span>
                {{ /if }}

                {{ if !closed and !24_hours }}
                    <span class="{{ is_past ?= 'line-through opacity-60' }}">
                        {{ start_time }} - {{ end_time }}
                {{ /if }}

                {{ if 24_hours }}
                    <span class="p-2 text-xs text-white uppercase bg-purple-500 rounded">
                {{ /if }}

                {{ if is_open }}
                    <span class="p-2 text-xs text-white uppercase bg-green-500 rounded">
                        open now
                {{ /if }}
        {{ /business_hours }}