Addon by Matt Rothenberg

Webmentions Main Screenshot

A custom tag for using Webmention.io data on your Statamic site!

A custom tag for Statamic v3

What is this?

As per https://webmention.io/,

webmention.io is an open-source project and hosted service for receiving webmentions and pingbacks on behalf of your indieweb site.

Which is a fancy way of saying after signing up for this service, you can easily add the following snippets to your website in order to collect mentions/pingbacks (be sure to replace <username> with your, well, username πŸ˜….

<link rel="webmention" href="https://webmention.io/<username>/webmention" />
<link rel="pingback" href="https://webmention.io/<username>/xmlrpc" />

Assuming you've done so, this plugin gives to you a {{ webmentions }} tag that you can use in your Statamic site to display those collected mentions and pingbacks!


composer require mattrothenberg/webmentions

Demo πŸš€

The sky's the limit when it comes to how you present your Webmention data! Here's a demo of the example Vue component found in this repo!. Beware the component assumes you have Tailwind and v-tooltip installed.


Usage (Antlers)

This addon exposes a new tag called webmentions. Use it as follows, making sure to pass a url parameter.

{{webmentions url="https://mattrothenberg.com/"}}
  {{ if no_results }}
    <p>No results.</p>
  {{ else }}      
    <p>Total: {{mentions|length}}</p>
          {{ url }}
          {{ author }}
            {{ name }}
          {{ /author }}
  {{ /if }}

Usage (Vue)

If you want to pipe the mentions data to a Vue component, here's how.

{{ webmentions url="https://sebastiandedeyne.com/"  }}
  {{ if no_results }}
    <p>No results.</p>
  {{ else }}
    <mention-list :mentions="{{ mentions | json | entities }}"></mention-list>
{{ /webmentions }}

Mentions Schema

Each mention object exposes the following attributes that you can access in your template.

Learn more at Webmention.io

  "type": "entry",
  "author": {
    "type": "card",
    "name": "Tantek Γ‡elik",
    "url": "http://tantek.com/",
    "photo": "http://tantek.com/logo.jpg"
  "url": "http://tantek.com/2013/112/t2/milestone-show-indieweb-comments-h-entry-pingback",
  "published": "2013-04-22T15:03:00-07:00",
  "wm-received": "2013-04-25T17:09:33-07:00",
  "wm-id": 900,
  "content": {
    "text": "Another milestone: @eschnou automatically shows #indieweb comments with h-entry sent via pingback http://eschnou.com/entry/testing-indieweb-federation-with-waterpigscouk-aaronpareckicom-and--62-24908.html",
    "html": "Another milestone: <a href=\"https:\/\/twitter.com\/eschnou\">@eschnou<\/a> automatically shows #indieweb comments with h-entry sent via pingback <a href=\"http:\/\/eschnou.com\/entry\/testing-indieweb-federation-with-waterpigscouk-aaronpareckicom-and--62-24908.html\">http:\/\/eschnou.com\/entry\/testing-indieweb-federation-with-waterpigscouk-aaronpareckicom-and--62-24908.html<\/a>"
  "mention-of": "https://indieweb.org/",
  "wm-property": "mention-of",
  "wm-private": false


  • [x] Add fancy Vue component example
  • [ ] Expose method that talks to https://webmention.io/api/count, thereby getting a breakdown of the types of mentions.