BearHub - Sync Your Bear Notes

Addon by Micha Vie

BearHub - Sync Your Bear Notes Main Screenshot

BearHub – Sync Your Bear Notes

Statamic 3.0+ Latest Version on Packagist

I wanted to start this off with a bear joke, but you wouldn’t be able to bear it. Whatever.

What is BearHub 🧸📝

BearHub syncs your Bear App notes with your Statamic collections. Because of that, you can write your articles in the beautiful Bear markdown editor and sync them whenever you want.

📱 You can even create and edit your articles on the go if you are subscribed to the Bear Pro plan!


  • 📕 Sync many Bear notes with a single Statamic collection
  • 📚 Setup sync for multiple Statamic collections
  • 🏞 Seamlessly sync images
  • 🖥 Auto-commit & auto-push changes via Git

The Perfect Blogging Workflow

  1. Write them in the beautiful & simplistic Bear Notes app.
  2. Tag them with your favorite taxonomy terms
  3. Sync them via command or from your dashboard


Go to the documentation page.

Additional Notes

🖥 Bear app only stores your notes locally on your computer for privacy reasons. Since BearHub requires the local Bear app database, you will need to sync your notes locally and then push the changes to your remote server.

❓ Open an issue in the BearHub Github repository if you have questions, a bug report, or other ideas.

Easy, simple, and beautiful — that’s what BearHub (Bear App + Statamic) is.