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Feedamic is an Atom and RSS feed for Statamic 3


Install it via the composer command

composer require mitydigital/feedamic


You will need to publish the configuration file:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=feedamic-config

You must set the title and description values for the feed.

By default, the "blog" collection is configured to have its entries in the feed. You can adjust the array to only include the collections you want in the feed.

You will get two feeds by default:

  • atom at /feed/atom
  • rss (v2) at /feed

These can be routed differently with the routes configuration option.

When the routes are visited, they are cached forever, or until an Entry in one of the collections is saved, or you use the please command to clear the cache. You can configure the cache key if you want.

The summary gives you an array of fields to look at to get the content for the <summary> attribute of the Atom feed. These are checked in order, and when content is found, it will be used for the <summary> and the other fields will not be checked. The default is looking for introduction then meta_description.

The image gives you the ability to pick a field (or array of fields, like summary) to look for to find the image to be included with the summary content. You can also set the width and height of the rendered image, otherwise will default to 1280 x 720. Set image to false or null to not include images.

You can also adjust the <author> behaviour. Set this to false to disable outputting an author at all.

Within the array, set email to true to output the <email> in your Atom feed. When false (the default), <email> will not be output.

The name attribute allows you to configure how the name is output. Each User field handle is in square brackets, and by default is looking for the "name". If you were to have a first and last name (two fields), your template may look like: [name_first] [name_first]. If you're using the default Statamic User, [name] will just work.

The language option allows you to define a valid language code for your feeds. Given XML can accept more values than the RSS specification, refer to the RSS-Specific Language Codes for valid options. The default is en.

The copyright option is a string that will output the copyright (or rights for Atom) to the start of the feed. False, default, will exclude this tag.

Auto-discovery for your site

A Statamic tag is included that will output your configured feeds to your site's markup for auto-discovery assistance.

In your <head> tag of your layout, simply call the tag:

{{ feedamic }}

This will output the configured feed URLs and mimetypes to assist with readers auto-discovering the feed.

Clearing the cache

Your feeds when rendered are cached forever

To clear the cache, you can do one of three things:

  • save an entry in one of the configured collections for the feed
  • run a please command

Saving an entry in a configured collection will automatically clear the feed cache.

You can force the cache to clear by running:

php please feedamic:clear


The standard views will give you nice and neat RSS and Atom feeds. But if you want to customise the output, you can publish the views, and Feedamic will use yours instead:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=feedamic-views

These will publish to your resources/views/vendor/mitydigital/feedamic folder.

Upgrade Notes

Upgrading from v2.0.0 to v2.1.0

There are two changes - one minor, the config file, and one potentially more major, the views.

The config file has moved. This will be done as part of the upgrade process. Update your composer, and everything should be smooth sailing.

Refer to the console output for any issues.

If you are using Feedamic's default views, you're all set. But if you have published the views, make sure the config references are correct - they should be feedamic.handle, not statamic.feedamic.handle.

Upgrading from version 1.*

Version 2 brings with it a new name. Isn't it great?

However there are some breaking changes with this update.

First of all, update your composer.json file:

# Change from: 
"mitydigital/statamic-rss-feed": "^1.0",

# Update to: 
"mitydigital/feedamic": "^2.0",

The run composer update.

You will need to check some things to get yourself up and running:

  • the config file
  • the views
  • tag usage
  • command usage

Please note that from v2, Statamic 3.3 or later is required.


Rename your config file from rss.php to feedamic.php. You'll find this in the config/statamic folder, if you are using your own config file.


If you have published the atom.blade.php or rss.blade.php views you will need to make sure that any references to the configuration file is correctly updated now to be feedamic instead of rss.

You may want to also update the <generator> tag to include the new name and version. Check out the views in the source of the component for what we've set as the defaults.


If you were using the {{ rss_auto_discovery }} tag, this has been renamed to be {{ feedamic }}.


If you used the rss-cache command previously, this has been renamed to feedamic.

# v1.* command only
php please rss-cache:clear

# v2 command
php please feedamic:clear

Upgrading from v1.3

When upgrading from v1.3, ensure you add the image configuration options to your config file.

Upgrading from v1.2 or below

If upgrading from v1.2 or below, ensure you add the language and copyright configuration options to your config file.

Route caching / conflicts with other addons

If you have cached your routes and are changing your config, don't forget to clear the cache too.

Some other addons may also want to have a "feed" path. You can change the path you use in the config for the Feedamic addon - or you could change your other addon's path if it supports it.

If needed you may also need to clear your route cache:

php artisan route:clear


We love to share work like this, and help the community. However it does take time, effort and work.

The best thing you can do is log an issue.

Please try to be detailed when logging an issue, including a clear description of the problem, steps to reproduce the issue, and any steps you may have tried or taken to overcome the issue too. This is an awesome first step to helping us help you. So be awesome - it'll feel fantastic.



This addon is licensed under the MIT license.