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Events is the easiest and most flexible way to turn your entries into a calendar. Events will transform simple entries into singular or robust recurring events. Recurrences are defined using the Recurrence Rule Fieldtype, which is fully compliant with iCalendar RFC5545.


This addon is currently free while in beta. Bear with us if you run into a bug. Report any issues you find, and we will fix as fast as we can. Feel free to report any suggestions or feature requests.


What exactly is included with this addon?

  1. Recurrence Rule Fieldtype
  2. Events Tag
  3. 100% compatible with Forms
  4. Event Import Widget for .cal files
  5. Fully Compliant with RFC5545
  6. REST Endpoint (for JavaScript applications)
  7. Vue Events Loader


We provides a number of tags to extact event data in various ways.

  1. events :: Just like the collection tag but for event.
  2. events:next :: The events after a specified date.
  3. events:by_date :: Group the events by a specified date format.
  4. events:details :: Get a single event by id or slug.

Basic Example

<div class="list">
{{ events ttl="+9 months" }}
    <div class="list-item">
        {{ start_date }} - {{ end_date }}

        {{ diff_seconds }}

        {{ occurrences }}
            {{ start_date }} - {{ end_date }}
        {{ /occurrences }}
{{ /events }}


We provide an elegant fieldtype that is loved by both users and developers. Learn More

Preview of the Recurrence Rule Fieldtype

Import Widget

We also provide a simple widget to upload .cal files. Learn More

Import Events Widget Preview