Flexible Width Fieldtype

Addon by Oliver Mesieh

Flexible Width Fieldtype Main Screenshot

Take control of your layouts with Flexible Width - the perfect Fieldtype for easy customizable widths.

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The Flexible Width Fieldtype for Statamic allows easy control of any content area or media element width. It offers more flexibility than the default "Width" Fieldtype, supporting any key-value pairs.

How to Install

Run the following command from your project root:

composer require o1y/statamic-flexible-width

How to Use

To use the Flexible Width Fieldtype, navigate to the "Buttons & Controls" section in the Blueprint configuration. Add key-value pairs as needed.

Alternatively, edit the Blueprint directly in your .yaml file:

  handle: column_width
      col-1: 1/3
      col-6: 2/3
      col-12: 3/3
    type: flexible_width
    display: 'Column Width'
    icon: width
    listable: hidden
    instructions_position: above
    visibility: visible
    hide_display: false
    width: 25

Use the augmented value in your template:

<div class="{{ column_width }}">
  <p>My column</p>

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This addon is an extension of the Width Fieldtype for Statamic.