Address Field Documentation



  1. Install Statamic Address Field from the Tools > Addons section of your control panel, or via composer:
composer require rias/statamic-address-field
  1. You can publish the configuration file using
php artisan vendor:publish --tag=statamic-address-field-config



This addon uses OpenStreetMaps Nominatim as its geocoding service.

Google Maps API

To enable static map rendering and custom marker placement, you need to provide a Google Maps API key.

  1. Sign in to Google's developers console
  2. Create a new project
  3. Enable the Google Static Maps API
  4. Set the API key in your .env file as GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY

Other configuration

The config file also allows you to set some extra defaults:

  • Default map styling (options are silver, retro, dark, night or aubergine)
  • Default marker color
  • Default marker icon


Antlers tag

The addon provides an Antlers tag {{ address }} which allows you to access most of the functionality.

{{ address:countries }}

This tag allows you to loop over all available countries, which can be useful for displaying certain data.

{{ address:countries }}
    {{ name }} <!-- Belgium -->
    {{ display }} <!-- "Belgium" when locale is set to "EN", "Belgiƫ" when locale is set to "NL" -->
    {{ name }} <!-- BE -->
    {{ alpha2 }} <!-- BEL -->
    {{ numeric }} <!-- 056 -->
    {{ currency }}
        {{ value }} <!-- EUR, countries can have more than one currency -->
    {{ /currency }}
{{ /address:countries }}


This addon comes with a fieldtype that allows users to enter a full address. The fieldtype itself is configurable in which fields are shown to the user:


Available configuration: - enabledFields: - name - street - street2 - postCode - city - state - country - latitude - longitude

  • defaultCountry

    • In alpha2 notation
  • geoCode

    • Whether to geocode the address to lat/lng coordinates true/false
  • showCoordinates
    • Whether to show the latitude & longitude fields true/false

Displaying a static map

You can display a static map using the {{ address:staticMap }} tag.


Parameter Description Default
address The address data from the fieldtype null (required)
zoom How zoomed in the map should be 14
width The width of the image in px 640
height The height of the image in px 640
style A style key that is defined in the map_styles config value default
color The color of the marker that is shown on the map null (optional)
icon A URL to a custom marker icon null (optional)
scale The scale of the map 1


The following static map will be generated for the Spatie HQ address:

{{ address:staticMap :address="address" width="250" height="250" }}

Static map

Just the URL

If you need just the URL to the map image, you can call staticMapUrl instead, which will output the url.

{{ address:staticMapUrl :address="address" width="250" height="250" }}

Dynamic map

You can also display a dynamic embedded map using the tag.

{{ address:map :address="address" width="250" height="250" }}


The q, origin & destination parameters will be set depending on the type of map, you can still override them manually as well.

Parameter Description Default
address The address data from the fieldtype null (required)
type The type of embedded map, can be one of place, directions, view, streetview, search place
maptype The tiles to load, can be one of roadmap or satellite roadmap
zoom The map zoom 14

For more information, and all available parameters depending on type you can view https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/embed/embedding-map

Directions url

You can generate a directions url that links to the address by calling:

{{ address:directions :address="address" :currentLocation="true" }}

currentLocation is optional and defaults to true.