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Create beautiful choices for your clients

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Button Box

Button Box for Statamic 3.

Create beautiful choices for your clients.



Button Box requires a license to be used while on a production site.
You can purchase one at https://statamic.com/marketplace/addons/button-box.

You may use Button Box without a license while Statamic is in Trial mode.


Require it using Composer.

composer require rias/statamic-button-box

Publish the assets and configuration:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Rias\ButtonBox\ServiceProvider"

Using Button Box

Add the fieldtype to your fieldset.

Each option contains the following fields:

  • label - This is show when neither an icon or an image is present
  • value - The value that you'll use in your templates
  • image - An image
  • icon - A FontAwesome Free icon
    display: Main
        handle: choice
          type: button_box
          display: Choice
              label: Left
              value: left
              image: left.svg
              icon: null
              label: Center
              value: center
              image: center.svg
              icon: null
              label: Right
              value: right
              image: right.svg
              icon: null

Using Button Box

{{ choice }} # will contain either "left", "center" or "right" from the example above

Using a different Asset container

Button Box comes with a configuration file that you can change after publishing, it will live at config/statamic/button-box.php, here you can define the handle of the Asset Container that has to be used for the images.

return [
     * If you want Button Box to use a different container
     * you can define the container handle to be used.
    'container' => null,

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