Color Swatches (for v2)

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Let clients choose from a predefined set of color swatches.

Color Swatches Overview

Instead of providing a user a full color picker, Color Swatches gives an admin the ability to provide a selection of colors for a user to choose from.

Using Color Swatches

Add the fieldtype to your fieldset, you can define multiple colors for a swatch by using a YAML array. You can also set a default color by entering the label.

    display: Main
        type: color_swatches
          red: '#E3342F'
          orange: '#F6993F'
          green: '#38C172'
            - '#4299E1'
            - '#ECC94B'
        default: blue

Using Color Swatches

You can access both the label and color in your template.

{{ color.label }}
{{ color.value }}
{{ color.value.0 }} #If it's more than one color