Redirect Documentation



Note This addon requires sqlite to be installed to work

  1. Install Statamic Redirect from the Tools > Addons section of your control panel, or via composer:

    composer require rias/statamic-redirect


Redirect allows you to redirect legacy URLs, so that you don't lose SEO value when rebuilding & restructuring a website.


Redirect supports traditional exact and RegEx matching of URL patterns.

Redirect will also automatically create a redirect for you if you change an entry's slug or uri.

Unlike utilizing .htaccess to do redirects, Redirect does not add overhead to each request for each redirect you have in place.

Redirect has no impact on your website's performance until a 404 exception happens.


You can publish the config file using

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=statamic-redirect-config


This addon comes with the following widgets:

  • errors: for a listing of the most recent errors
  • errors_last_month: the same chart as in the redirect dashboard
  • errors_last_week: the same chart as in the redirect dashboard
  • errors_last_day: the same chart as in the redirect dashboard

Widgets can be added to the dashboard by modifying the widgets array in the config/statamic/cp.php file.

// config/statamic/cp.php

'widgets' => [
      'type' => 'errors',
      'limit' => 5,

Like the default widgets of Statamic, you can also configure title& width of the widgets.

Logging errors

By default, Statamic Redirect will create error logs, you can disable this by setting the log_errors config value to false.

Logging individual hits

By default, Statamic Redirect will also keep individual hits for each error, you can disable this by setting the log_hits config value to false.

Create entry redirects

By default, Statamic Redirect will create redirects when the URI of an entry changes. You can disable this by setting the create_entry_redirects config value to false.

Deleting entry conflicting redirects

By default, Statamic Redirect will delete redirects when a saved entry's URI conflicts with the redirect. You can disable this by setting the delete_conflicting_redirects config value to false.

Cleaning errors

The amount of errors can grow quickly, Statamic Redirect includes a scheduled command that by default cleans up errors older than 1 month.

You can disable the cleaning by setting the clean_errors config value to false. Or change the date range by changing the clean_older_than config value. This accepts a value that is parsed by PHP's createfromdatestring function.

Make sure your Schedule is running for error cleaning to work.

Different storage

If you want to use a different storage method for the Errors or Redirects, you can change them in the config file.

These should implement \Rias\StatamicRedirect\Repositories\ErrorRepository and \Rias\StatamicRedirect\Repositories\RedirectRepository respectively.

In the future this addon will come with some extra Repositories by default, without a need to code your own.

You can switch the storing & retrieving of Errors & Redirects to the Eloquent repositories provided, this can be useful if you're logging a lot of errors & hits.

// config/statamic/redirect.php

'error_repository' => \Rias\StatamicRedirect\Eloquent\Errors\EloquentErrorRepository::class,

'redirect_repository' => \Rias\StatamicRedirect\Eloquent\Redirects\EloquentRedirectRepository::class,