Erin Dalzell

Pinboard Documentation

Erin Dalzell

A Statamic V2 add-on for Pinboard that creates entries from specific, public bookmarks from your Pinboard account.


  1. Copy the addon folder to your Statamic site directory
  2. Configure addon @
  3. Set up Statamic so tasks are run


Today's tagged bookmarks are automatically pulled and made into entries. The add-on only pulls bookmarks since you last ran the check.

If you want to manually pull older bookmarks:

  • by date, run 'http://your-statamic-site/!/Pinboard/fetch?from='date-to-pull-from-in-yyyy-mm-dd-format'
  • by URL, run 'http://your-statamic-site/!/Pinboard/fetch?url='complete-url-to-link'

Bookmarks are added with current date/time not the bookmark time.


MIT License