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Tracking Code Manager

Addon by Simon Ridley

Tracking Code Manager Main Screenshot

Tracking Code Manager - Statamic Addon

Statamic 3.0+

For managing your tracking/analytics scripts, pixels etc.

Managing tracking scripts

After installing the addon, go to "Tracking Code Mgr" link under Tools in the control panel

Add as many scripts as you need using the repeating blocks.

Choose which tag to output the script on - head, body, footer

You can enable/disable each script individually or disable all using the master switch.


Add the three output tags to your main layout file in the appropriate places:

{{ tracking_code_manager:head }}

{{ tracking_code_manager:body }}

{{ tracking_code_manager:footer }}

Issues / Contributing

Find a bug? Have a feature request? I'd be happy to help! Open an issue on github or reach out on twitter


This project is licensed under the MIT License.