Bard Contains

Addon by Nate Johnson

Bard Contains Main Screenshot

Adds a `bard-contains` Conditional Field rule for your Bard fields.

This is a Statamic addon that extends on Conditional Fields, so you can use the bard-contains custom rule against any Bard field.

As luck would have it, this works great everywhere - even in a repeater, or something much more obscure... such as a Bard-in-Bard-set onion!


This addon adds a custom bard-contains:option field condition to Statamic where option is one or more of the following:

  • empty
  • notEmpty
  • hasParagraphs
  • hasNoParagraphs
  • hasSets
  • hasNoSets
  • debug (see debugging)

Multiple Options

You can use multiple options to test for all of the provided scenarios on your Bard field. This means you're using AND logic, so all options need to pass for the condition to succeed.

For instance, custom bard-contains:hasParagraphs,hasSets will only succeed if the Bard field has both a text paragraph and a set.

If you need to have a Bard condition succeed on either of multiple options, create separate conditions using if_any/unless_any operators.

From the Statamic Control Panel blueprint screens, these conditions are displayed as Show/Hide when: any of the following conditions pass.

How to Install

You can search for this addon in the Tools > Addons section of the Statamic control panel and click install, or run the following command from your project root:

composer require skylennard/bard-contains

How to Use

Add a condition to any field, referencing a bard field

  • Use the "custom" condition syntax to set up the condition:
    • custom bard-contains:option, with an option from the above list


Fields in a Collection/Taxonomy, for instance:

      handle: customize
        type: revealer
          custom_content: 'custom bard-contains:empty'
      handle: custom_content
        type: bard
          customize: 'equals true'
          custom_content: 'custom bard-contains:notEmpty'


  1. Revealer customize is only visible when Bard is empty.
  2. Bard custom_content is visible when either:
    • Revealer customize is activated and/or
    • Bard custom_content has existing content.


Using the option debug can help you figure out what status the addon is seeing when checking your Bard field. This will console.log() an object with the true/false status for all the options, so check it out in the inspector.