CSV Exporter

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Export your content to CSV files.

Built by a Certified Partner

This addon gives you the ability to export your content to CSV files.


You can search for this addon in the Tools > Addons section of the Statamic Control Panel and click install, or run the following command from your project root:

composer require steadfastcollective/statamic-csv-exporter


To use this addon, follow the usage instructions or watch this video:

  1. Head into the Control Panel
  2. Go to Utilities and click into the 'CSV Exporter' utility
  3. Select the collections you wish to export and click the 'Export' button
  4. A ZIP file will be downloaded. If you open that, you'll find each collection in its own CSV file.

Ignoring certain fields

If you'd like to exclude certain fields from being returned by the export, you should add them to the addon's configuration file

By default, you're unlikley to have the configuration file published. To publish it, run:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=statamic-csv-exporter-config

The config file will appear as config/statamic-csv-exporter.php.

In the config file, you will see an ignored_fields array. Inside that, add the handle of the collection, then any of the fields you wish to be excluded.

In the below example: exports for the events collection will exclude the author and excerpt fields.

| Ignored fields
| Configure any fields which should be ignored when exporting items.

'ignored_fields' => [
    'collections' => [

        'events' => [
            'author', 'excerpt',



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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.