Meerkat Comment System for Statamic 2

Addon by John Koster

Meerkat Comment System for Statamic 2 Main Screenshot

A full-featured comment system and platform for Statamic

Meerkat is a full-featured comments system built from the ground up to work with Statamic. Using it, you can allow visitors to leave comments on blog posts, leave product reviews, post replies to topics, and much more using the Meerkat API and add-on system.

Comments, replies, etc. are part of your site, and they should managed there as well ??

Ridiculously Integrated

Meerkat was built from the ground up to fully integrate itself within the Statamic Control Panel; feel comfortable that you and your clients can manage their comments with a familiar user experience.

Prefer managing Statamic content from the file system? Yep. You can do that with Meerkat, too.

The Control Panel integration fits nicely with the Statamic Control Panel, follows similar design and user-experience guidelines, and is also mobile friendly!

Get Started Fast

Although Meerkat is essentially "plug-and-play", we wanted to make sure nothing would hold you back. Every feature is thoroughly documented so you will always have a place to turn if you need help.

On top of the excellent documentation, you also have access to Tanager, a free Meerkat-enabled Statamic theme.

The Sky is the Limit

Meerkat does not impose any defined structure on your site's markup; and with the API there is really no limit to what you can build with Meerkat.

Need a simple comment system for your blog? Meerkat is perfect for that.

Looking to build up a forum or integrated chat system? Yep, Meerkat can do that too!

Thought of something else really cool? Meerkat can probably do that, too!