Widget: Continue Editing

Addon by stoffelio

Widget: Continue Editing Main Screenshot

List of last edited entries in Statamic control panel

Built by a Certified Partner

This widget lists the last edited entries in the control panel so you can jump right back into work.


  • Statamic v3


From your site folder, run composer require webographen/statamic-widget-continue-editing - or install it via the control panel.


To add the widget to your control panel dashboard, edit the config under config/statamic/cp.php and add the following entry to the widgets array:

    'type' => 'continue_editing',
    'width' => 100,

Optional Parameters

By default the widget display the last five entries across all collections. You can modify this by adding two more parameters:

    'type' => 'continue_editing',
    'width' => 100,
    'collections' => '*',
    'limit' => 5

Collections: One or more piped collections to display - e.g. 'pages', 'pages|posts', or '*' (any) for the default behavior

Limit: The maximum number of entries as an integer

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