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Add HERE Maps by using a custom field or an Antlers tag

Statamic 4.0+ Latest Version on Packagist

I read the documentation so you don't have to :)

A HERE Maps addon for Statamic for creating and displaying HERE Maps on your website.

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- Statamic Mapbox


Require it using Composer.

composer require jezzdk/statamic-here-maps

Publish the assets

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Jezzdk\StatamicHereMaps\ServiceProvider"

Add an environment variable, since this library uses HERE Maps under the hood for displaying maps.


Lastly, insert these tags in the header in order to load the HERE Maps JavaScript and Stylesheet on the frontend:

{{ heremap_script }}
{{ heremap_styles }}

*Disclaimer* You will to create an account on HERE Maps if you want to create a HERE Maps API key.


This addon provides a HERE Maps fieldtype. You can use that in your blueprints which will enable your users to dynamically insert maps onto your website.

There is also a tag that you can use directly in your Antlers template. I'll explain both use cases below.

Map Tag

The simplest way to insert a map is by inserting the tag with latitude and longitude:

{{ here_map lat="55.6736841" lng="12.5655722" }}

This will insert a map centered on the given coordinates, with a zoom level of 16 (default) and using the normal map type. The Map tag supports the following attributes:

Attribute Type Default Description
lat float none The latitude (required)
lng float none The longitude (required)
marker bool false Display a marker in the latitude and longitude from above
markerLat float none The latitude for the marker (the marker attribute must be false or omitted)
markerLng float none The longitude for the marker (the marker attribute must be false or omitted)
zoom integer 16 The map zoom level
type string Valid values are listed below
icon string /assets/marker.png (Pro feature) Use a path relative to the public folder. If the file doesn't exist, the default HERE Maps pin will be used.
style string none (Pro feature) The map styles as a JSON string
showControls boolean false Show the default map controls

Map type values:

Value Type Normal
normal.mapnight Normal (night)
normal.base Normal (no labels)
normal.basenight Normal (no labels, night) Satellite
satellite.base Satellite (no labels) Terrain
terrain.base Terrain (no labels)

HERE Maps Field (Pro feature)

Simply select the fieldtype when creating a blueprint. When a user pans around the map, changes zoom level or changes the map type, the settings are saved along with the other fields and the output will display the same view as selected in the control panel.

The field has a few settings:

  • Initial zoom level - choose the zoom level when the map is loaded initially in the control panel
  • Enable maptype selector - Allow the user to select the map type
  • Enable marker creation - The user can create and remove a marker on the map
  • Enable Geocoder - This adds a search field above the map, enabling the user to search for an address
  • Disable custom styles - This removes the ability to add custom styles for this field

When using markers, the script will look for an icon at /public/assets/marker.png. If it exist it will be used, otherwise it will use the default HERE Maps pin.

Styles (Pro feature)

The map can be styled using a JSON array of styles. You can generate the style JSON for free at

The fieldtype has a button that reveals a textarea where the url for the style JSON can be inserted, and the map tag has a style attribute for the same purpose.