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December Roundup

Jack McDade
Jack McDade January 12th, 2021

Here’s a look at some of the best Statamic stuff created by the community in December. Happy New Year everyone! 🎉



The Statamic 3 Screencast Guide - while not technically from the community, you probably still won’t want to miss our new, official screencast series on learning the ins-and-outs of Statamic 3.

New Addons

Peculiar Pointer by Sorta Rad replaces your boring default OS mouse pointer with much more interesting – and possibly peculiar — ones.

Ghostwriter by Sorta Rad makes it easier to create animated text and typewriter effects with typed.js.

Needledrop by Sorta Rad helps you quickly add hover sound effects to your sites. The web is too quiet, let’s make it noisy again.

Snippet by Kolaente is a modifier to create a text snippet out of any given string. It’s pretty similar to the core truncate modifier, but there’s always room for variations on a theme, right?

Runway by wunderkind Duncan McClean helps you manage Laravel Eloqquen models in the Control Panel and output them in your Antlers template. How cool is that? Oh yeah, and it’s free.

WordPress Users by Arthur Perton imports WordPress users into Statamic so you preserve their original passwords. This is a super smart way to smooth out the transition between platforms! At $19/site it seems like a deal to us.

Quick Brown Fox by Sorta Rad helps you build your own font showcases with Google Fonts. Like all of their addons so far, it’s completely free.

TinyMCE Fieldtype by Mity Digital adds and integrates the TinyMCE 5 cloud editor as an available fieldtype.

Did we miss anything?

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