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New in 3.3.59 – Duplicating!

Today Laracasts launched its latest Creator Series on Statamic, created by Jack McDade!
Jack McDade
Jack McDade November 30th, 2022

There are times when you know a feature is necessary but there’s already an addon that does the job perfectly. So you let it simmer for a while, like a nice stew in the cold of winter.

But enough time goes on and you know not enough people know the addon exists or they don’t realize how well integrated it is, and it’s just a shame.

We reached that point with Duncan McClean’s Duplicator addon. For the last 2 years it has allowed you to easily duplicate entries, terms, assets, and forms. And thanks to Duncan’s generosity, it has just been integrated into core. The stew is served.

We tweaked it a little bit, removed some of the config in favor of some smart and thoughtful defaults, and have let it loose in Statamic 3.3.59. We hope you enjoy it!

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And if you have a minute, it would be awesome if you can spare a minute of your time to thank Duncan on Twitter for all the work he’s put in maintaining this feature. 👏

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