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Multi-Site Permissions, Fancy Prompts, SSG Updates, and More!

In the last few weeks we've added Multi-Site Permissions, enhanced our CLI with Laravel's new Prompts goodness, and gave our SSG package some love with support for highly customizable pagination URLs and routes.
Joshua Blum
Joshua Blum August 31st, 2023

In the last few weeks we’ve added Multi-Site Permissions, enhanced our CLI with Laravel’s new Prompts goodness, and gave our SSG package some love with support for highly customizable pagination URLs and routes. Let’s get into the details and show you some screenshots.

1. Multi-Site Permissions: The Wait is Over!

Multi-site Permissions, our highest-voted feature request is finally here! Multi-site is useful in many different ways, from building site networks, multi-lingual versions of sites, and running extra subdomains.

The somewhat different Holy Trinity: πŸ₯¨πŸ₯–πŸ•

This Feature Request was no small task and took a Herculean effort on Jesse’s part to bring it to the finish line. We’re adding a few more tests and it’ll be in Core before you know it. πŸŽΈ

2. The New CLI Vibe: Laravel Prompts πŸ’„

Hot pink ASCII πŸ’…

Did you catch Jess Archer doing her thing at Laracon US? In case you missed it, she introduced the super tremendous new Laravel Prompts feature. We were so hyped up, Jason straight-up sprinted to get a PR out with support for it.

Watch her talk to see it in action.

For those who love a good show and tell, Jack’s video shows it in action.

Oh and here’s a bonus treat – you will bask in the Prompt glory even outside of our CLI (like when running php please do-something) if you’re running Statamic in a Laravel 10+ app since it just extends those commands with Prompts and uses them by default.

3. Updates to the Static Site Generator

Our Static Site Generator package has leveled up and is flexing hard with its new pagination support. Big ups to Jesse (man’s on fire!) for diving deep and crafting out the intricate details.

The update brings finer control on site generation with new options for generating individual URLs, as well as a --disable-clear option to save time and potential headaches. If you’ve got your sights on edge hosting with Netlify, Vercel, or similar β€” this package will be your new security blanket.

Head over to the release notes and read the details. πŸ“š

4. Improved Markdown Fieldtype

And last, but certainly not least, is the pumped-up Markdown Fieldtype. From description lists to task lists (and everything in between), this update is all about bringing more control and markup potential to your content. Need more details? Just take a gander at theis PR or our docs on the Markdown Fieldtype.

See some of the new Markdown magic πŸͺ„

Plus, with added support for custom Markdown extensions you get even more possibilities, it’s all in the extend docs for Markdown.

Until next time, stay rad! πŸ˜‰

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