Designed and built from the ground up by experienced SEO agency and Premier Google Partner, Candour, the Aadvark SEO addon gives you full control from managing redirects to generating schema. New features coming regularly :-)


Easily set up and manage redirects (301/302) from a friendly, easy to user interface within your control panel. No more messing around with .htaccess!

Beta bonus: Automatically fix 404s!

Reduce 404s and content management headaches with our new beta feature. Once enabled, it will detect when the URL for a page changes, or when pages, collections and taxonomies are moved within the site tree and automatically set the redirect for you.


Get help with one of the most important aspects of modern SEO: Schema. Aardvark SEO will generate a snippet of JSON-LD from the person/organisation data that gets provided under the SEO > General page.

Automatic breadcrumbs generation

Help Google understand your site structure and get enhanced SERP listings with breadcrumbs. Aardvark SEO will automatically add JSON-LD breadcrumbs for all pages, using the trail Google provides documentation for further information.

Easy webmaster verification

You can quickly verify your Google Search Console, Bing, Yandex and Baidu Webmaster Console accounts through our interface, rather than modifying your code or uploading additional files.

Configurable and automatic XML sitemaps

XML Sitemaps will be automatically generated for live pages on your site. This means unpublished pages will be removed from your sitemap and you can edit the priority and change frequency on a per-page basis under the 'SEO' section.

Social media and Open Graph

Aardvark provides you with full control over how your site looks when shared on social media through generating data and filling Open Graph and Twitter meta tags. In addition, you can set links to each of your social media profiles in the SEO > Social menu.

The social media data can be accessed on the frontend through the {{ aardvark-seo:socials }} tag, use it to loop through the provided social media links.

Index and crawling control

Easily noindex pages or select all links to be 'nofollow' at the toggle of a switch

On-page SEO

A new 'SEO' section is added to the editor screen for any Pages, Collection entries or Taxonomy terms from which the SEO and share data will be managed.

Special fields for the meta title and description will give you hints about the length of the content enabling you to optimize your metadata for search engines - a Google search preview will help to visualise this.

Marketing tools

Google Tag Manager can be enabled and managed through the Aardvark addon, additionally, there is functionality to add verification codes for the major webmaster tools under the SEO > Marketing page.

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Released February 18, 2019
Updated 17 hours ago
Version v1.1.4
Downloads 141
Requires Statamic 2.10


Candour is a creative digital agency and Premier Google Partner that knows its search onions.

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