Release Notes


September 2nd, 2020

What's new

  • Bard now has an option to always show the "Add Set" button.

What's improved

  • Widespread accessibility improvements through aria attributes and matching form labels+IDs
  • The Array fieldtype is now full width by default. It makes it look better more of the time. #2315
  • Filter badges are no longer forced to lowercase for selfish aesthetic purposes. There are many legitimate cases for case sensitivity. #2219
  • A bunch of form improvements. Fields are loopable, values are augmented like in entries, submission index and show views are prettier, and more. #2326

What's fixed

  • The link tag now properly prefixes URLs with the current site base url. #2317
  • Super long Select field values no longer spill out of the box like when you have too much spaghetti in your back pocket and sit down.


August 27th, 2020

What's new

  • Parent field is localizable by default. #2211
  • Site selector when reordering entries.

What's fixed

  • Prevent overwriting the entry variable. Prevents title, slug, parent, etc from incorrectly falling back to the root value. #2211
  • Fix a "does not exist in structure" error when localizing a page. #2176
  • The "Visit URL" button is updated when you change sites, or update the slug. #1864
  • Fix an error when switching sites when creating an entry. #2261
  • Fix entry reordering when using multiple sites. #1869
  • Fix select fieldtype not rendering when you have numeric options/values. #2302
  • The wrap modifier only wraps if there's something to wrap. #2299
  • Fix missing breadcrumb. #2236
  • Section fieldtype shouldn't be localizable. #2236
  • Fix facade IDE typehint #2297
  • Adjust contrast on some UI elements.


August 25th, 2020

What's new

  • Localizable field toggle. #2045
  • The form tags get a submission_created boolean. #2285
  • The template fieldtype will ignore views in the partials directory when hide_partials is enabled. #2249
  • The "first child" option is only in link fieldtypes if the entry is in a structured collection. #2209
  • A Blueprint's parent will be the Collection/Taxonomy when creating an Entry/Term.
  • Collection view mode button tooltips. #2241
  • PHP short tags will be sanitized in Antlers templates.

What's fixed

  • Vuex store gets the site when creating entries. #2237
  • Entry locale defaults to the default site. #2275
  • Entry inherits its layout from an origin entry, if one exists. #1830
  • Global site selector is scrollable. #1838
  • Rogue closing tag removed. #2253
  • The FormSubmitted event gets a submission property. #2271
  • Images are inline in Replicator previews. #2267
  • Addon thumbnail alignment. #2272
  • Simplify how our custom cache store creates paths. Fixes a Windows pathing issue. #952
  • Fix shrunken toggle. #2170
  • Translations. #2282 #2256


August 19th, 2020

Statamic 3 is Official!