Starter Kit by Afan Ajdari

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  • Markdown with Bard, for writing experience
  • Categories taxonomy for Posts
  • Dynamic Pages structure
  • Mobile/Responsive friendly
  • Contact form pre-configured
  • Minimalistic design
  • Native Search




Quick Start

1. Create a new site

You can create a new site using the Statamic CLI Tool:

statamic new your-site afan417/blogo-starter-kit

Or you can install manually into a fresh Statamic installation by running:

php please starter-kit:install afan417/blogo-starter-kit --clear-site

2. Install dependencies

npm i && npm run dev

To compile for production:

npm run build

3. Make a new user

Note: This starter kit comes with a super-user already created. You can delete this user after you finish the installation process. You might need to enable Statamic Pro temporarily for this. Read here.

Username: [email protected]

Password: password

Create a new user via php please make:user. You'll want to be a super admin so you have access to everything.

4. Do your thing!

If you're using Laravel Valet (or similar), your site should be available at http://blog-site.test. You can access the control panel at http://blog-site.test/cp and login with your new user. Open up the source code, follow along with the Statamic 4 docs, and enjoy!


Contributions are always welcome, no matter how large or small, here.