Starter Kit by ivy.mayhem

aero.zeppelin Main Screenshot

aero.zeppelin is a minimalistic Starter Kit for personal blogging.

Built by a Partner


aero.zeppelin is a minimalistic Statamic Starter Kit for personal or even professional blogging.


  • Minimalistic appearance (Is that a feature? I think it is.)
  • Bard focused writing experience
  • Code highlighting with highlight.js
  • Customizable social links and icons
  • Built with TailwindCSS
  • Some minor Alpine.js stuff for interactions
  • Custom Fieldset "Image" with options to include a caption and 3 different sizes
  • Twitter Card and OG Image support
  • Automatic image resizing with Glide

Frontend Build Details

Quick Start

To get started with this Starter Kit, follow these steps:

1. Create a new site

Either create a new site:

statamic new mysite ivymayhem/aero-zeppelin

Or install into an existing site:

php please starter-kit:install ivymayhem/aero-zeppelin

2. Create a super user

Just follow the instructions shown in your terminal or run php please make:user and make yourself a super user.

3. Recompile the CSS

In case you have issues with Laravel Mix (e.g. "Unable to locate Mix file"), you can run npx mix after the Starter Kit was successfully installed.