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Formatic Release Notes

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May 28th, 2024

What's Changed


May 17th, 2024

What's Changed

  • Support for Statamic 5 by @jackmcdade in

New Contributors

  • @jackmcdade made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


March 19th, 2024

This release fixes a bug where a text field failed to appear conditionally based on a checkbox option select.

What's changed

  • Conditional field visibility fixed for checkbox options


January 17th, 2024

This release updates Statamic and ensures compatibility with the new Laravel Precognition.

What's improved

  • Updated Statamic
  • Installed Laravel Precognition package for live form validations
  • Accessibility improvements

What's new

  • Fixed a bug with Date Time Picker
  • Removed FormValidation Controller, now using Laravel Precognition

Changelog here.


October 13th, 2023

Initial release of Formatic