Crisp Resume

Starter Kit by Sjoerd Stottelaar

Crisp Resume Main Screenshot

Build your online presence with this gorgeous resume starter kit

Quickly want to spin up a great looking resume? Crisp Resume has got you covered. A fully built resume that is easy to manage and extend with Statamic.


  • Contact details
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Photo masonry
  • Photo full width
  • Content


  • Block based page builder
  • Crisp looking layout
  • Responsive images
  • TailwindCSS
  • Fully responsive

Crisp Resume Screenshot


I've build my own resume with Crisp (of course), which you can preview at


To install Crisp simply follow the installing a starter kit guide.

Using the Statamic CLI tool run the following command: statamic new mysite sstottelaar/crisp-resume-starter-kit

🌶️ take: I recommend only installing it into a new fresh installation.


I'm so confident that you'll like it that I'm offering a full refund + $5 (for your trouble) if you're not satisfied. No questions asked. Just reach out to me, links are on my personal website

Having issues or found a bug?

Open up a Github issue and I'll fix it the same (work)day. Promised.