Starter Kit by Statamic

Stumblr Main Screenshot

Share photos, videos, quotes, links, and more. It's your very own Tumblr.


Stumblr is your very own personal, customizable Tumblr. Create beautifully simple posts using one of 6 blueprints: Audio, Link, Photo, Quote, Text, and Video. Organize them by tags and just keep creating.

Social Media Links

Add links to your most important social networks in your Global variables area and let the kit take care of adding the icons to your nav for you.

RSS Feed and Sitemap

Your RSS Feed is available at /feed.xml and sitemap at /sitemap.xml.

Frontend Build Details



Modify the templates and views however you'd like. Just run npm install to install the Laravel Mix/webpack tooling and then one of the following commands to compile your css:

  • npm run dev to compile dev assets
  • npm run watch to watch and compile dev assets on the fly
  • npm run prod to compile production-ready assets

Adding new "Post Types"

You can create new types of posts by adding new Blueprints to the Posts collection.

These blueprints need a matching template partial of the same name in resources/views/post_types/ to render their output.