Chatamic AI

Starter Kit by Zsolt Janes

Chatamic AI Main Screenshot

Chatamic is an application that uses OpenAI GPT-3 technology to provide human-like responses to questions in seconds.

Chatamic is a powerful and user-friendly application that harnesses the capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-3 technology and integrates it into the user-friendly Statamic CMS. With a simple input field, you can easily ask any question and receive a relevant, accurate and human-like text-based response in seconds, making it a perfect tool for your business to improve customer service and increase efficiency.

Screenshot 📷

Chatamic preview

Info 💬

All questions are saved in the 'Conversations' entry, so you can check them later.

Install 🔧

  1. Install the starter kit using php please starter-kit:install zsoltjanes/chatamic-starter-kit if you have an existing site, or use statamic new mysite zsoltjanes/chatamic-starter-kit if you are creating your site from scratch.
  2. Generate an API key (OPENAI_API_KEY) and add it to the .env file. You can generate the key at
  3. Set up the parameters for OpenAI in the globals section. You can find the documentation at
  4. Modify and extend the starter kit as desired. Enjoy! 🎉

Development 🛠️

  1. Install npm using the command npm install.
  2. For development, run the command npm run watch.
  3. For production, use the command npm run prod.

Bug, issues 🐛

If you encounter any bugs or issues, please report them to us.