Stata mailer

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Stata Mailer is an easy add-on that simplifies the Statamic mail configuration setup without prior coding experience in just one click. Just install it and let it handle it rest to save time on a lengthy process of configuring and backtesting.

Built by a Partner

Stata mailer is a Statamic add-on that simplifies Laravel’s Mail configuration with Statamic without prior coding knowledge. Just install it and let it handle the rest.


Mail configuration is always a daunting task and time-consuming. And if you are a new developer without prior knowledge, it would be difficult for you. As it takes a long process for editing, backtest, and configure the .env file.

Stata mailer simplifies all the coding process and configuration with just a few simple steps, Just install it and let it handle the rest.

What Stata mailer can do for you?

  • Simplified Mail configuration - Install it and let it handle the rest. Stata Mailer will configure and link all the necessary mail configuration.
  • User-friendly interface - Hard to understand the code scripts? Stata mailer provides an easy-going interface to simplify every detail you need to enter.
  • Easy and automatic - By adding needed parameters like name, port, and type of server in the Stata mailer and it will handle it all for you.
  • No coding needed - With easy configuration, you don’t need any prior coding knowledge. Install it and use it as per instructions.

To sum it up Stata mailer is one of a kind tool that makes your mail configuration process smooth. It saves configuration time and adds new code, resulting in a flawless configuration process.


Read the docs on the Documentation