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IP allow and deny list management via the control panel

Ez IP blocking, whitelist or blackist IPs to control who can access your creation.


  • IP Whitelisting and Blacklisting
  • "Blocked" page shown to the user when they get blocked
  • Support for returning a custom view when a request is blocked
  • CSV Imports and Exports

How to Install

You can search for this addon in the Tools > Addons section of the Statamic control panel and click install, or run the following command from your project root:

composer require alt-design/alt-blocker

Basic usage

Head into your Statamic control panel and find "Alt Blocker" on the left sidebar to bring up the controls for the addon.

Just take an IP address and add it at the top, then hit save.

There is a toggle to toggle between whitelist and blacklist, then you're gravy

Example IP :

Questions etc

Drop us a big shout-out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We're always looking to improve our addons, so if you have any feature requests, we'd love to hear them.

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