Auto Image Orientation

Austen Cameron
Auto Image Orientation

🔄 Automatically orient uploaded images correctly. 🔄

Ever upload an image and have it rotated from what you expected? This addon listens for (image) assets to be uploaded, and automatically orients them based on their EXIF data.

Note that 512mb+ of memory available on your server recommended!

Images take a lot of memory to manipulate. You don't have to change any settings, but make sure your server has at least this much memory. Shouldn't be a problem with any modern hosting provider.


  1. Copy the addons/AutoOrient directory to your project's site/addons folder.
  2. Run php please update:addons

Note that only newly uploaded images will be affected.

You can delete and re-upload to orient existing assets. A future version will improve upon this "existing assets" workflow, but this works for now.


  • Statamic 2
  • Server with at least 512mb of RAM


Send an email to [email protected] with the subject Auto Orient Help :)