Spooktamic Halloween


Make your content super spooky with this Halloween addon for Statamic.

Spooktamic Halloween Gif


To install this addon, copy the SpooktamicHalloween directory into your site/addons directory, you will need your license key from the Statamic marketplace.

Effects will show on any page with the {{ spooktamic_halloween:head }} tag in the <head /> section. Pages can be blacklisted later so it's safe to put this in a place where it will be used globally.


There are various configuration options available on the addon settings page.


You have control over the speed of the animation (the time it takes for the ghost to travel across the screen), and the timeout. The timeout is the number of seconds before the ghost animation stops and is removed from the page, set to 0 to show indefinitely.

Blacklist Pages

In the addon settings there is a grid for pasting in the url of any page you do not wish to have effects.