Addon by codedge

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Use magic links to login to Statamics Control Panel.

Statamic 4.0+ Latest Version on Packagist Tests

A Statamic addon to provide the option to login into the Control Panel or Statamic Protected Content feature without using a password, instead use a magic link which is sent by email.

Features * Login to Control Panel with magic links * Login to protected content with custom password form with magic links * Restrict sending magic links to defined email addresses * Display issued magic links in Control Panel * Permission scheme for display links and settings in Control Panel


Run the following the pull in the package with composer:

Step 1

composer require codedge/statamic-magiclink

Step 2

Login into your Statamic CP, see "MagicLink" in the side menu and enable it.

Step 3

On the CP login page you can now see a link "Send Magic Link".

:information_source: Make sure your email settings are configured and email sending works.

Wishes & ideas

Just open an issue at Github.


If you find any security related issues, please get in contact via [email protected] first. Please do not open an issues on Github.


Before going into production with Statamic MagicLink, you need to buy a licence at the Statamic Marketplace. Statamic MagicLink is not free software!