MagicLink Documentation


Protecting content

You can use magic links with Statamics Protecting Content feature. When defining a password form just use one of these tags to show a magic link login below the normal password login form:

  • {{ magiclink:login-link }}: Displays a completely rendered a tag. For customizing the html, see Customization.
  • {{ magiclink:login-route }}: Return the route to the magic link form. Use this with your own markup.

Allowed addresses

You can define which users can request magic links. The default is, that all users that have a CP user account can request a magic link.


The access to settings of MagicLink can be restricted to certain users. When navigation to Permissions inside the Control Panel just create a new role and assign the MagicLink > View settings permission.


Views, translations and config settings can be tweaked by you. You just need to run

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=config --provider="Codedge\MagicLink\ServiceProvider"

to publish all assets things you like to modify.