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Addon by Philipp Daun

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Generate blurry image placeholders (LQIP) for smoother lazyloading. Supports ThumbHash, BlurHash, and Average Color placeholders.

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Generate image placeholders of Statamic assets for smoother lazyloading.

Example image placeholders

Low-Quality Image Placeholders (LQIP) improve the perceived performance of sites by showing a small blurry placeholder image while the high-quality version is loading and are often used in combination with progressive lazyloading.


  • Create blurry image placeholders for assets
  • Choose between ThumbHash, BlurHash, and Average Color placeholders
  • Generate placeholders on upload, or optionally on demand
  • Console commands for batch generation

How It Works

The addon ships with a Placeholder Image fieldtype and will automatically generate a small blurry placeholder image for each asset with this fieldtype in its blueprint. In your frontend views, you can access the image placeholder as a data URI string to display while the high-quality image is loading.

Quick Start

  1. Install using composer require daun/statamic-placeholders
  2. Add a placeholder field to your asset blueprint → assets.yaml
  3. Display placeholder data uris using the {{ placeholder }} field inside an {{ asset }} tag


Read the documentation for a detailed guide to setting up and configuring the addon.