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Full control over all cookie-related settings right in the CP: Create cookie categories, add code snippets, customise the modal and activate content covers that hide content as long as specific cookie categories are not accepted.

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Cookie Byte

Statamic 3.0+ GitHub release

Keep your friends close, but your cookies closer! Get full control over all your cookie-related settings right in the control panel: Create cookie categories, add code snippets, customise the cookie modal and activate cookie content covers that hide content as long as specific cookie categories are not accepted.


Please note that we have created the addon to the best of our knowledge, but due to the rapid developments around the GDPR, we cannot guarantee full legal compliance and are not liable for violations of the GDPR and other privacy policies. In case of doubt, please contact your legal advisor.


Cookie Byte is an important addon to make your website fit for the current privacy and cookie policies. In addition to the usual cookie consent modal, in which users can selectively accept the desired cookies, the addon offers numerous other features so that you no longer have to worry about cookies of any kind.

  • Control panel settings: Change the addon's settings directly where you prefer to do it: In the control panel. Activate the addon, add cookie categories, remove a code snippet - rule over all cookies!
  • Code snippets and their cookies: Code snippets are loaded on the website only when the user agrees to the cookies required for them - without reloading the website (so your analytics data won't be corrupted - yesss!).
  • Cookie content covers: Some content must be hidden as long as the corresponding cookies have not been accepted, such as Google Maps embeds. For this we created cookie content covers (and because it's a nice alliteration).
  • Customisability: The modal and the covers are completely customizable - change the text and position of the modal as you see fit.
  • Developer friendly: To make your life easier, the addon comes with predefined styles and inline code. But rest assured: If you need more control, you can customize everything!

There are more amazing features coming: Take a look at our Feature releases below!


For more information about how to use this addon see our documentation.


Cookie Byte is a commercial addon - you must purchase a license via the Statamic Marketplace to use it in a production environment.

Future features

In future releases you will see more awesome features like:

  • Second modal type: We'll add a second modal to choose from, which features submenus and an opt-out which requires more steps - for our "I wish more users would accept the statistical cookies so we have more analytics data for our online-marketing" colleagues.
  • Consent records: How many people have seen the modal? How many people have accepted? How many have bounced off? So many questions - soon we will provide all the answers!
  • Geo-Targeting: In many countries, the cookie modal does not need to be displayed. So why bother the users from these countries with it? Just exclude them with our geo-tracking.