Cookie Notice

Addon by Duncan McClean

Cookie Notice Main Screenshot

A simple, lightweight cookie consent widget for your Statamic site.

Cookie Notice lets you prompt your website visitors for cookie consent. The addon includes a clean Tailwind CSS design (fully-customisable) and support for consent groups.

Disclaimer: It's your responsibility to ensure your website complies with local cookie laws.

Read the docs.


Cookie consent notification

As you'd expect, this addon gives you a lightweight cookie notification. The code for which is fully customisable to meet the design of your site.

Consent Groups

Cookie Notice has built-in support for consent groups - allowing your users to consent to specific types of cookies (eg. Required, Statistics, Marketing).

Initialise code with consent

You may run certain bits of code only if the user has given their consent.


If you find a bug, have some question or have a feature request, please open a GitHub Issue or Discussion.

Please note: only the latest version of this addon is supported. Any bug reports regarding an old version will be closed.