Duncan McClean

Static Cache Manager Release Notes

Duncan McClean


March 8th, 2022

What's improved

  • Finally added an icon to the utility
  • Made the textbox work a little bit better for smaller screen sizes


February 26th, 2022

What's new

  • Statamic 3.3 support

Breaking changes

  • Dropped support for Statamic 3.0 and Statamic 3.1


February 23rd, 2022

What's fixed


January 21st, 2022

What's fixed

  • When you enter a path, you couldn't previously start it with a / or it wouldn't do anything #8 #9
  • If you were wanting to clear a cached file like whats-on_.html, entering whats-on wouldn't do anything because it would look for the wrong path (whats-on, instead of whats-on_.html) #9


August 19th, 2021

What's new


April 5th, 2021

  • Initial release