Maintenance Password


A Statamic addon to display a maintenance page with a password access.

This addon will add a maintenance page preventing acces to your website. You can sen set up a password to let "friends & family" people to cces the site. This is a great way to demo a site or remotely test new website before launch. While the maintenance page is active, you can still have access to the site's control panel.

Super user that are currently logged-in to the control panel won't encounter the maintenance screen.

Getting started

Copy the MaintenancePassword folder in your site/addons folder. After that, you may run the following command to refresh the addons :

php please update:addons

Then add the following tag at the top of your layout file (usually found in site/themes/[your theme]/layouts/default.html)) :

{{ MaintenancePassword }}

You then need to define a password in the addon's settings.


You can use the control panel left menu "Maintenance" link, or go to Addons, then click on the three dots at the right of the addon's line, and click Settings

Here you can set the main password. You can also change the title and subtitle shown on the maintenance page. You can also set a logo if you need, and some other text fields : background image, colors, custom css and js.

Removing the maintenance page

If you want to deactivate the maintenance page, you can set the toggle in the settings to do just that.

Coming soon

Here are some of the stuff that will be added in the near future :

  • setting up (and revoking) multiple passwords.