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Documentation for Statamic Documentation

Statamic 3.0+ Latest Version on Packagist


"Documentation" is an addon for Statamic v3, which is in beta right now. Until Statamic v3 is in beta, there can be breaking changes!


General installation instructions can be found in the

Rename the collection

The collection will be named documentation by default. You can easily rename those in the config file, before running the php artisan documentation:setup.

Remember to publish the config file, before you can make any changes: php artisan vendor:publish

Customize your language

There aren't many things you can localize, but by doing so you will make your control panel looking awesome.

Publish the lanuges files: php artisan vendor:publish

Copy our langue file into a new folder, matching your application locale (/config/app.php).

Predefine the folder for selfhosted videos

You can define the asset container and the folder, where your videos should be saved, in the blueprints settings.

In your control panel, go to: Fields -> Blueprints -> documentation