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Addon by Jonas Siewertsen

Documentation Main Screenshot

Statamic 3.0+ Latest Version on Packagist

A Statamic V3 Addon to save any kind of documentation inside your control panel.


  • [x] Documentation available in the control panel
  • [x] Menu structure with children (max depth 2)
  • [x] Flexible text editing with bard editor
  • [x] Elements: Title, H2, H3, bold, italic, underlinded, ordered- and unordered lists, tables, blockquotes and links
  • [x] Videos can be embedded: Self hosted, from YouTube or Vimeo
  • [x] Optional video description
  • [ ] Permissions (not added yet)

Looking for less?

Would it be enough to list videos only? Check out my "How To" Addon: How To Addon


Step 1

Pull in your package with composer

composer require jonassiewertsen/statamic-documentation

Step 2 - Enjoy

Create your first documentation page inside the control panel.

Documentation -> Manage -> Create Entry Write something useful and save it.


PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size error?

Bypass the memory limit for composer to avoid this error:

COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=-1 composer require jonassiewertsen/statamic-documentation


  • Statamic V3
  • Laravel 7 or 8
  • min. PHP 7.3


Before going into productions with Statamic Documentation, you need to buy a license at the Statamic Marketplace.

Statamic Documentation is not free software.