How To Addon

Addon by Jonas Siewertsen

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Would you like to use less time to explain how your specific Statamic site has been built? "How To" is your Statamic Addon then!


Check out the documentation on the Statamic marketplace.

How does it work?

First of all, you need to make screen recordings on how your site works. This part only needs to be done once by yourself. I can't help you there.

Upload your videos, give them a name, and maybe a short description if you want. The addon will display all videos nicely and your clients can watch those videos over and over again. They just need to log in and enjoy your screencasts. Your videos will be hosted on your client's server and he can't lose a link to them or anything similar. How great is that?

English and German translation is already provided, but you can easily add your specific translation to the addon.

How does it look

How To Addon Overview

How To Addon Single Video

Looking for more?

Would you like something more flexible and with more functionality? Check out my Documentation plugin: Documentation Plugin


  • Statamic 3 or 4
  • Laravel 10, 9
  • PHP 8.0 or >= PHP 7.3


This Addon is paid and commerical software. A license from the Statamic Marketplace is needed in order to use it in production.

Photo used on Statamic Marketplace

The Photo has been taken by Jan-Christoph Elle Siewertsen. It is NOT allowed to use this photo without license. Jan-Christoph Elle Siewertsen