Addon by Jonas Siewertsen

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This addon does provide a simple solution for small Statamic setups: A failing job will be saved as flat file in the storage.

Why should I use this addon? Laravel does handle failed jobs by default, but does need a database. What if your Statamic setup does not have or need a database?

Well ... failing jobs can not be handled!


1. Require the package

composer require jonassiewertsen/statamic-jobs

2. Configure the Failed Queue Jobs Driver

// config/queue.php

    'failed' => [
        'driver' => env('QUEUE_FAILED_DRIVER', 'file'),
        // 'storage_path' => storage_path('failed-jobs'), 

    // INSTEAD of fx
    // 'failed' => [
    //     'driver' => env('QUEUE_FAILED_DRIVER', 'statamic'),
    //     'database' => env('DB_CONNECTION', 'mysql'),
    //     'table' => 'failed_jobs',
    // ],


You can access your failed jobs via the default artisan commands. Fx.:

php artisan queue:failed <- list all failed jobs

php artisan queue:retry JOB_UUID_ID <- Retry a given job

php artisan queue:flush <- Flush all failed jobs


  • PHP >= 8.0
  • Laravel 10
  • Statamic 4


I love to share with the community. Nevertheless, it does take a lot of work, time and effort.

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This plugin is published under the MIT license. Feel free to use it and remember to spread love.