Statamic Livewire Filters

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Supercharge your Statamic Collections using Livewire.

Built by a Partner

Statamic Livewire Filters is an add-on for Statamic that enables you to use Livewire to create "live" filters for your Statamic collections. It comprises a primary Livewire component and various standard filter components, which are designed to be easily editable to suit your project's needs. It allows you to filter your entries by almost any field you wish and display the results in a "live" manner, using the power of Livewire.


No Livewire knowledge required

Simply swap out your Statamic collection tag and add the filters using Antlers – you're all set. This addon is designed to be straightforward and accessible, making it a seamless experience whether you're already familiar with Livewire or not.

Ready to use filters

Starting from scratch isn’t fun. You can use the basic filters already included to hit the ground running. Want to change how the look? Piece of cake using TailwindCSS. Want to extend and add more filters? Also possible.

Advanced features

Ready-to-use pagination? Absolutely! Query scopes? You bet! Query string support? Yes sir!

Documentation & Examples

You can find the documentation and examples here:

Feature list

Main features:

  • Collections Livewire component that, with the help of a Statamic tag, can seamlessly your collection tags using the exact same syntax.
  • Simple and customizable filters equipped using the most common controls: Text input, Checkboxes, Radio, Select, Range, and Date.
  • Compatibility with most Statamic conditions supported by the collection tag.
  • Capability to dynamically order your collection besides filtering.
  • Livewire-enabled pagination, prebuilt and ready to use.
  • Query scopes support, including a prebuilt query scope for fields saved as an array.
  • Query string support for your filters, enhancing usability.
  • Minimal styling using TailwindCSS.
  • Multiple view options for each component, offering flexibility in presentation.
  • No JavaScript required, except for Flatpickr for the Date filter, simplifying integration.


When you are ready to deploy to production you need to buy a license at the Statamic Marketplace. Statamic Livewire Filters is not free software.

Issues and pull requests

Feel free to open an issue right here on Github. Email us directly for a security issue: [email protected]