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Static Pages

What it is

I'm sure you already know what a static page is, but in case you don't:

Static pages are simple HTML pages that require no dynamic content!

Why this addon

Have you ever been working on a website, and just needed to get a static page up? But it was a custom static page that was using a vastly different design language, maybe even a entirely different CSS Framework?! So instead of pounding your head on your desk, cursing your boss for allowing incompetent clients to call the shots, and crying to yourself in the dedicated "Cry Closet" thinking about the hours it's going to take to complete, why not install this addon?


You can use your favorite drag-n-drop page builder, or code your own page by hand! Just bundle the page's files and assets in a zip folder, and your work is done! This can include (but not limited to): images, css, and js files!

Be sure to have an index.html file in the root of the your page directory! The addon is expecting it, and will route traffic to this file.

When you are ready to upload, navigate to the Static Pages item in your control panel, and then click the "Upload Archive" button.

You will be presented with 3 fields: - Page name: To reference the page in the CP. - URL Path: How a user will navigate to the page. DO NOT PREPEND YOUR TEXT WITH A / - Also be aware that the addon prepends your URL Path with /staticpages/ - Archive: The .zip file containing your page.

Coming soon

  • The ability to edit code directly in the addon CP