Review allows you to share unpublished entries or revisions with collaborators without having to create a User for them.

For example, you can create a draft About Us page and give folks a URL to view that draft content. You can also share a working copy, if you're using revisions.

Configuration: * publish the config via php artisan vendor:publish --tag=review-config * add the handles of the collections you'd like to have reviewed

Two ways to get that URL:

  1. The entry listing via the entry's Open Review action: screenshot of review action
  2. The Review fieldtype; I'd recommend adding to the top of the sidebar of any entry blueprint: screenshot of copy review url button

Please note:

  • Button will only work if the site is served via https.
  • URLs are public, anyone can view them.
  • Once the content is published, visiting that URL redirects to the actual content, unless there is a working copy.