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Addon by visuellverstehen

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A Statamic addon that provides a custom tag for creating an anchor nav for all headings generated by the bard editor.


  • Extends the TipTap heading node and adds a slugified ID to all configured heading levels (defaults to h2).
  • The {{ anchor_navigation }} tag makes it easy to build an anchor navigation for all headings within your bard content.

How to install

Run the following command from your project root:

composer require visuellverstehen/statamic-anchor-navigation

How to use

Include the {{ anchor_navigation }} tag in your template and supply the field handle of your bard field.

    {{ anchor_navigation from="bard" }}
            <a href="#{{ id }}">{{ headline }}</a>
    {{ /anchor_navigation }}

You can get the amount of headings found within the content with the count tag:

{{ if  > 0 }}
{{ /if }}


You can define which heading levels should be included in your anchor navigation. Level 2 headings are set as a default.

'heading' => [
    'levels' => [2],

More about us


The MIT license (MIT). Please take a look at the license file for more information.