Wout Mager

Anchorman allows you to automatically populate collections with articles from different RSS/Atom feeds.

Anchorman is a commercial addon

You can use it for free while in development, but requires a license to use on a live site. Learn more or buy a license on The Statamic Marketplace!


  • Add multiple feeds and populate different collections
  • Chose where to save content from a feed
  • Add custom queries and add custom terms to each entry
  • Add authors as new users or attribute new articles to an existing user
  • Save images to the assetcontainer of your choice
  • Listen to the Anchorman:beforecreate event to change the collection, the contents of the entry, or even disable creating the entry!

Future plans

  • More cp translations
  • Cleaner code

Features requests? Found a bug? Let me know!

Stay classy, San Diego!