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Wout Mager

After installing you'll see a new menu item name "Menu" in your control panel. I love the name Big Kahuna, but it's not something you want to explain to customers every time ;-)

The cp

You can create as many menus as you like in the cp.


After creating a menu, add this tag to your front-end to add it to your site. The name corresponds to the name of a menu in the cp:

{{ big_kahuna menu="custom-name" }}

Which will return something like this:

<ul class="nav custom-name">
    <li class="nav__item is--active">
        <a href="URL" title="Title">
            <ul classs="submenu">
                <li class="submenu__item">
                    <a href="URL" title="Title">
                    Ad infinitum

As you can see the name is added as a class so you can target the right menu more easily in css.


To make the localized menus as flexible as possible (and keep the ui clean) you have to create a menu for each locale. You can choose a locale when creating a new menu.

This is a example of using the different menus in your theme:

{{ if locale == 'en' }}
    {{ big_kahuna menu="menu-en" }}
{{ else }}
    {{ big_kahuna menu="menu-nl" }}
{{ endif }}


You can change the defaults with the following parameters:

Main list

menu Required
This is the slug of a menu you created in the cp.

The id for the root ul. If you don't provide one there won't be an id.

The class for the root ul. Defaults to 'nav'.

The class for feedback for the current page. Defaults to 'is--active'. This class is applied as an extra class to the li for root items and submenu items..

The class for every root li. Defaults to 'nav__item'.

link_class The class for every link items. Defaults to 'nav__link'.

The class for li items with a submenu. Defaults to 'nav__item--parent'.

parent_link_class The class for link items with a submenu. Defaults to 'nav__item--toggle'.

A submenu list

The class for every ul element inside a list item following a link. The default is 'submenu'.

The class for every li element in a submenu. The default is 'submenu__item'.

Stuff not on the menu

  • Custom links to external sites get a rel="external" on the link tag.
  • Links with submenu items get a data-toggle="dropdown" to support Bootstrap dropdown menus.
  • Since the 'is--active' class is added to an li, it's best to use something like .is--active > a in your stylesheet for feedback classes. That way the submenu links don't inherit the active style.